Adams County Reps Talk Marijuana Delivery, Hope Dealers Bail Outta Denver

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Adams County, East of Denver, May Legalize Marijuana Delivery” title=”Adams County, East of Denver, May Legalize Marijuana Delivery

Ever since Denver legalized marijuana, the economy of Adams County has seen an incredible boost.   The state reports it’s seen over $6-billion-dollars in sales, giving the state a funding boost like never before. The only comparable ting is the gold rush of the early 1900s.  Now the east wing of Denver has another decision to make to fix a growing problem. The choice to be made, simply whether or not legalizing weed delivery will make dealers bail outta town.

According to post office and Police, the Denver metro has seen a spike in people illegally transporting and selling marijuana.   Both in state and out of state commerce has been going on. ‘Green market’ dealers are re-selling their legal purchases illegally,  by mail and in-person.

People with the ability to buy and a vehicle to transport are acting as middle men.  These ‘peddlers’ supply people who need marijuana but have no way to get to dispensaries. Also, some  clients are perhaps ashamed or afraid to ruin affiliations behind the stigma of being a pot smoker. Either way, this has made some big bucks for back street peddlers of marijuana..  The gains so great, some keep an Adams County bail bonds office on speed dial.   After release, they repeat the offense because of the enticing profits.

All of this may end soon however.    The Denver area is hoping to pass a new bill that will take aim at the ‘pot peddlers’ by eliminating the need for them.  On Wednesday, April 3rd, politicians will vote on the ‘marijuana delivery app’ bill. If passed, everyone in the metropolitan area will have a legal way to get weed delivered to their doorstep.

For the first year, users of the delivery app will only be able to purchase from medical marijuana facilities.  This means a medical license will be required of customers to purchase. If this goes well, by 2020 it’s proposed recreational dispensaries are allowed to open their own apps too.  Smokers of age would also be able to purchase their weed from anywhere for whatever reason, of their own choice.

If this goes well, now Colorado would get to see the full potential of marijuana sales, as street dealers would pretty much be wiped out.  The bill would sweep the money they once earned back into the local economy. As well, each deliver would have a $1 luxury fee tax that would be put into state programs.

Other benefits of having a Colorado Weed Delivery app would be easing the life of Army Veterans, Autism adults, an people with other medical conditions.  Many have physical disabilities that prevent driving of cars, which leave them looking for legal pot peddlers, who can earn a tip for dropping off their medical needs.   Society tends to forget about neighbors in this age. Launching this bill may remind people, especially war veterans suffering from issues caused by the battles they fought for America, we care.

It’s expected Colorado will generate over $2-billion-dollars in marijuana in revenue this year if this bill gets passed.   Tax generation will greatly increase from the new law, as it’s expected tens of thousands of people will use the weed delivery app weekly.  See a map of all the counties that allow marijuana in Colorado, here.

Watch a cool video beneath of Adams County officials drawing ‘raffle’ licenses.  This is how dispensaries got the right to sell pot back in 2015.

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