House Fires Claim 4 Americans & 7 Dogs In Under 48 Hours

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House Fires on the Rise in United States for 2019” title=”House Fires on the Rise in United States for 2019

It’s no shock that America’s heating up.  Nothing is predictable anymore as temperatures rise to record highs and droughts happen one year,  then floods the next. However, how this heat and weather shifts is effecting insurance needs tells an underlying story.   House fires are on the rise. Just in the last 48 hours, at least 5 Americans and 7 dogs were killed in tragedies across the United States.

Home insurance analysts say prices to insure homes are going up, across the nation.   California [ read here ] was the center of this ‘blazing topic’ earlier, but it’s not anymore.  Daily claims being turned are growing in numbers, related to fire. Some say  this is linked to the surging demand for natural gas vs older, conventional methods, while others think it’s technology.  One thing is for sure, the house fires are rising.

Any day, a simple search on google is enough to boost concerns of homeowners.   A search Thursday afternoon turned up 5 stories of homes in the United States burning down. All of which were within the last 12 hours.    Shockingly, there were 5 American people who died and 7 pet dogs.

4 Different House Fires

The first story took place in the Arlington Heights area of Chicago. 10:15 PM Wednesday authorities were called to the scene of the 200 block of West LaSalle Street.    A heavy fire was found burning the garage and backyard of a 2-story homes. The Illinois firefighters fought the blaze, saving all the tenants who were at the address. The residents’ three dogs were not so lucky however, found dead after the blaze.  Arlington Heights Fire Department Deputy Chief Pete Ahlman say the relatively small blaze still took them 1 hour to put out.  This is enough time to charr everything but the bones of a human being.

In Iowa, an American resident was not so lucky and the Chicagoans.  Him nor his pet dog survived the central iowa house fire that consume his house and everything inside. Cedar Rapids channel 9-ABC news reports that resident  Santos Guadalupe Calderon-Alvarado of Boone, likely died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his sleep.

After dying, something went further wrong with his wood-burning stove, that sparked a high temperature fire.   Living with 5 dogs, 4 of his beloved pets also were taken in the scorching blaze. Boone County Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Godzicki says Alvarado’s remains were so badly charred they had to do a 2 month autopsy review of the corpse to identify the man’s body.

Further south, a man in San Antonio  was killed inside of another house engulfed by flames.   Texas firefighters reported to the scene of a home near St Mary’s university at early hours, a quarter past 6 AM.     They arrived to the scene of a home on the 300 block of Plainview Drive with fire exploding out of the rooftop. An elderly man named Woody Woodward is thought to have been cooking Thursday morning, before walking away to another room.   While gone, the unattended stove caught fire and it spread fast. The victim’s home was destroyed. Woodward may have tried to extinguish the flames himself before succumbing to the blaze as his body was found in another room of the house.

The 5th and final victim discovered in house fire news came from Moraine, Ohio .   Samuel T. Evans,  a 66-year-old living just outside of Dayton, was identified as the body found in a badly burned home.   Wednesday afternoon, firefighters arrived to the scene from which emergency scanners picked up heavy smoke emerging from.  Crews got notice of the event around 2 p.m. as well, a caller noticing the distress signals as well. Within 30 minutes a body was recovered but it was too late, Evans had passed.

Fire Damage Coverage on Insurance is Important

In conclusion, the house fire news reports are becoming more frequent across america.    These 11 victims are only a fraction of house fires this week. Luckily, many people survived but some were still left with nothing.   According to ClaimsMate’s guide to insurance claims , the losses of victims to these destructive blazes could be cut to nothing or near nothing.    However, many Americans think they will never be a victim.

Men and women over the age of 40-years-old tend to be more forgetful depending on health, reading, and diet practices. As most Americans are obese and only reading the text messages on their phones, the house fire trends are sure to continually rise.

Below, watch a ‘controlled burn’ put on by Boone Iowa firefighters for practice.   This is just a mock demonstration of what can really happen and with controlled borders.

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