7 Indoor Plants To Increase The Beauty Quotient of Your Home

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If on any fine day you wake up and feel that the interiors of the house don’t appeal to you any more and you find yourself wishing to change it without spending much then there’s a quick fix, drumroll please, PLANTS! Yes, not only they amplify the beauty of the house but they also play a crucial role in maintaining the positive ambience. A few plants are considered lucky and are supposed to bring luck and prosperity to the house. All things considered, a little greenery will help you more than buying some more non-living decorative objects to exude the lovely essence from your nest. They don’t even require hardcore care. Give them minimal attention and they will still purify the air and remove toxins from it bringing a breath of fresh air to you, what else does one need! Here are few indoor plants you can try your hands on:

Peace Lily

You cannot get enough of this beautiful plant. Although they bear serene white florals, the lush green foliage is enough to keep you engage with this beauty. It requires minimum care and is considered one of the easiest plants to grow. They thrive in shade and cooler temperatures and will be a perfect addition to the house.

Snake Plant

One of the most resilient house plants, it requires minimal attention to survive. Its air purifying qualities are one of the kind. Unlike most plants, it releases oxygen at the night time too making it perfect to place in the bedroom. Get one today for a peaceful and rejuvenating night sleep.

Spider Plant

Known for its long arching foliage with a white stripe in the middle, these look best when placed in the hanging pots with cute details. They will take the beauty quotient of your house notches up and also, they are super-easy to grow. They are popular for their air cleaning properties and induce a calming environment.

2 Layer Bamboo Tree

This is also known as “Lucky Bamboo”. As the name signifies, this beautiful little plant is supposed to bring luck and prosperity to space it sits in. If placed correctly, it attracts positive energy in the house. The prime directions to place this plant in the house for optimum effect are east and south-east.

Jade Plant

This plant is considered very auspicious and is also known as “Money plant”, “Dollar plant” and “Friendship plant”. They make for perfect house warming gifts as it is supposed to bring financial gains in the house. They are native to South Africa and an evergreen succulent with round leaves which are hard to ignore.

English Ivy

Native to Europe and Western Asia, this one is a climber capable of removing air-borne faecal matter effectively and renders air clean and fresh enough to breathe. It also helps modulate the temperature of the house, keeping cool in summers and warm in winters. Truly, it’s Mother Nature’s blessing in disguise.

Money Plant

Although it is one of the air purifying plants, it is also the Feng Shui favourite as it is supposed to bring good luck and wealth in the house. If you are not already amazed by this wonderful plant, know this, it also absorbs radiations. Feng Shui experts and scientists recommend keeping one plant near each computer, television, or WiFi router. Place a money plant in front of a sharp corner or angle to reduce anxiety and stress.

If you are facing any kind of hassle in obtaining these plants from the local nursery, try to order indoor plants online from a popular website. The plants will be delivered to you without any fuss at the doorstep.

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