Enjoy visiting Grenada’s Most Exciting destinations 

The Spaniards have named Grenada for its several charming islands located in the eastern Caribbean! Grenada is a name derived from the Andalusia city of Granada, which is famous for its ancient history and its wonderful nature. This alone is enough to paint a clear vision of the nature and beauty of Grenada! It is also known as the Spice Island for its prosperity by growing nutmeg, cloves, and cocoa! Spices spread all over Grenada, making it an ideal destination for investors looking to stay or travel.

What are the most interesting destinations in Grenada?

Grenada has many exciting destinations to visit, but we will cut it to you in 4 different destinations each with its own features:

•    Grand Anse Beach

Is one of the most beautiful beaches in Grenada and is considered one of the most famous beaches on the shores of (Spice Island Beach) one of the most famous and best spa’s in Grenada among the Caribbean countries.

The Grand Anse Beach is characterized by its golden sands and tranquil foothills over 3 km in its calm turquoise waters, which are deep blue. The beach is decorated with beautiful arches of sea grape trees, almond trees, and coconut trees. The beach also extends along cruise ships, popular markets, spice markets, and restaurants.

•    St. George’s City

ST. George is the capital of Grenada and one of the most beautiful cities. It curves along horseshoe-shaped harbor backed by volcanic hills, along with brick and stone building with a red-tiled roofs line the streets. The city’s beauty is in harmony with the harbor of Caring, which is crammed with boats and ships. The local residents of Grenada are famous for selling spices and handicrafts.

The main historical attraction in the city and offer beautiful views over towns and sea and built by the French in the 18th Century are the Fort George and fort Fredrick.

We cannot pass the city of St. George without visiting the National Museum, which was built in 1704 as a shelter for the French barracks and a local prison, where it is a huge historical material for the exhibits of antiques and artifacts, including the antiques of the Carib and the ARAWAK, in addition to the many industries that are known by the old industries Sugar and whale hunting industries.

 Next to the museum is the Chocolate House, the first destination for chocolate lovers when they visit St. George to enjoy the harmony of different colors and to eat fresh juice and to buy spices with their various flavors, we invite you to go on Saturday morning to St. George’s popular market.

•    Underwater Sculptures Garden

If you want to enjoy the sense of surprise, head to the Molinari Bay north of St. George to visit the water sculptures park created by the artist Jason De Kairis Taylor! Which includes sculptures of different American Indians and local characters from Grenada are under water. The park can be reached by diving, snorkeling or through the glass boat and this is an exciting experience worth visiting and discovering the sea world in Grenada.

• Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve

When the name reflects the content and beauty of the place; this will attract tourists and residents to visit the place! Here we are talking about the National Park in Grenada, which is intertwined with plants and trees of various kinds and forms and includes among them the reserves of animals of various factions. Etang Lake is the focal point for attracting visitors to its strange shape, shaped like a crater!

Not only is the park worth visiting! But also you can enjoy by choosing one of the paths leading to it, where each path takes you in a unique adventure interspersed with the discovery of different types of birds, animals, plants, and trees. They are as follows:

LaBaye Trail with many specimens of native plants to the more challenging Concord Falls Trail, which passes a trio of cascades with swimming areas, The final route is the Cholarin route, intersected by the Sisters Falls with the Kuwa Kwa Pass, which takes you on a pleasant 3-hour stroll to the lake.


Is it enough to just visit Grenada and enjoy it? No, you have to get Grenada’s passport!

Anyone who wants to get a passport easily and wishes to retain his or her original nationality, Grenada is one of the Caribbean’s best choices! In addition to the smooth access to this passport within a period of time not exceeding 5 months only; where all you have to do is:

Real Estate Investment: One of the options that are available to applicants who seek to obtain citizenship by investment in Grenada, through the investment of approved projects these projects compasses Real Estates like hotels, villas, and resorts since the growth of tourism industry Applicants must invest USD $350,000.

 Or through The National Transformation Fund (NTF):  The program focuses on improving financial for the governments from investing in its projects like building new hospitals, schools, and developing information technology projects, agriculture, and tourism.


        Enjoy a visa-free travel to 127 countries all around the world including EU countries, China, and Russia.

        You can have a dual citizenship

        The strength of the Grenada passport, which is ranked 33rd in the world

        Security and stability in Grenada

        There is no need to reside from Grenada in order to get the citizenship


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