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Crowdfunding is one of the most effective methods today to give a big boost to small and medium entrepreneurs, without having to resort to more laborious financing. If you have a product or service that you think is worth giving to people, this can be your great opportunity to make it known and become an independent entrepreneur.

But before you jump into action there are some things you should consider to be successful. That is why today we advise you in the best way so that you can start yours from scratch.

Establish which is your audience

The first step you should consider is what type of audience best fits what you will get, since not all sectors have the same desires or needs. This can determine much the effectiveness of the campaign that you are going to initiate or signify a resounding failure.

Suppose you have developed an innovative cosmetic to solve the problem of many women who hate spending too much time putting on makeup in the morning. You have a well-defined market here, in which the female sector will be your best field of action. You could refine it even more if your product is aimed at young girls, mature women or works at all ages.

The same happens with some gadget of the latest technology that can be used by a wider audience, or else, an innovative decorative accessory that may not like the whole market, but if it gets the attention of the younger sector.

Reflect on the channels through which you are going to promote your crowdfunding

Internet is full of possibilities to publicize your brand and the best thing is that many times, they do not require investment. Social networks are a clear example, because in them you have access to a large number of people, and the same happens with video platforms like YouTube. If what you offer is innovative and quality, do not doubt that the content will go viral on its own.

That is why taking care of the presentation and preparation of your product or service is very important.

However, sometimes you can accelerate the process if you decide to invest a little in ads or mentions through large web pages. It is not essential, but it helps a lot to win supporters for your campaign and is highly recommended if you can afford it.

From here you can already plan a budget or a strategy to know which sites are best for you in terms of promotion.

Create a list of people who may be interested in your project

If you can, it is convenient to have a list with the mails and telephones of people who think they could accept to collaborate with you. In other words, it’s doing things a little old-fashioned so you do not have to resort to a bank loan, or credits like that.

You can also collect this information through the Internet, visiting forums or websites that are related to the theme of your venture, contacting webmasters and authorities in that field. If you have an online site with a large number of followers or subscribers, the task becomes much simpler.

Make a dossier where you explain in detail what your project consists of

To make your project attractive to the public, you have to define all those reasons that make it special. It compiles not only what it consists of, but also what its advantages are and even the way in which it was elaborated. The latter creates more confidence in the public and can even help you to show that the price your product will have is fully justified.

Resources such as videos and images that further detail all these aspects, are also welcome.

Become present in social networks

Facebook and Twitter are your best tools to start promoting yourself, although you can also take advantage of others such as Pinterest or Instagram, which have become popular.

Create specific fan pages or hashtags that will help you to better specify your project and let people know about it. Move through groups related to your niche or theme to win followers. It is best that you do this at least three months before taking the last big step.

Find a platform that will help you launch your campaign

Once you have complied with all the previous steps, it is time to look for an expert crowdfunding platform or crowdfunding software for sale. The most famous is Kickstarter, but do not doubt that there are several alternatives and you can even find one that is active for your country. And it is very convenient that you know, since they will not always approve you the first time and you may have to keep trying. However, this kind of websites are the most convenient.

The good thing about these pages is that they provide you with a well designed space to announce your venture and advise you with many facilities so that you can achieve success, giving you a chance to get to know people.

And in return you only have to grant them a commission on your profits. Many independent entrepreneurs have reached their goals in the hand of sites like the one I just mentioned and have a good number of success stories.

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