Photographer Robert Voltaire Turns Unknown Models into Instagram Celebrities.

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These days Instagram celebrities are almost considered to be godlike.   Models such as Rachel Cook, Charlotte McKinney and Cami Morrone (actress and girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio) have armies of raving fans that total into the millions.  They are beautiful, successful and relatable and they are paid extremely well to promote brands and products. They also have one other thing in common: famed photographer Robert Voltaire.

Robert Voltaire may have one of the best jobs known to man.  He gets paid thousands to take photos of some of the world’s most desirable women.  He is probably most famous for his appearance on America’s Next Top Model and Model Employee on VH1 and according to the Encyclopedia of Fashion, “photographer Robert Voltaire featured an edgy glimpse of model Brooke Shields, for Vogue Magazine, in Calvin Klein jeans, a women’s fashion staple equated with sexual freedom.”

“I am so excited I am shooting for Playboy and what’s even more exciting is that I get to shoot it with Rob,” says Rachel Cook in an Instagram video featured on his page.  “A lot of people have seen the work we have done together and I think we are a really good team.”

Just three short years ago Rachel was a model with approximately 15k Instagram followers until she teamed up with Robert Voltaire for a Treats Magazine cover shoot.  Shortly after, her Instagram  began to explode, gaining approximately 100k followers a month.  Rachel and Robert have gone on to shoot hundreds of images, which are plastered all over the internet and she now amassed over 2 million followers.

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A mere two years ago Camila Morrone, was a new face at LA Model Management is Los Angeles.  The master lens man took her under his wing, and turned her into a goddess worthy of a Vogue cover.

Since her discovery, Camila has gone on to star in Death Wish alongside Bruce Willis and is currently the love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I get calls, messages and emails from celebrities all the time.  They want to know who the model is, what she is like and how much Photoshop is involved in the pictures.  I remember a famous rock star calling me and asking me about a girl.  He said that he was talking to her online and wanted to fly her to London.  But first he wanted to make sure she looked like she did in her pics.  Today they are married.”

As lucky as he is to shoot these beauties he readily admits he doesn’t get it right the first time in every case.

“I’ve blown it a few times.  I passed up on shooting Kim Kardashian because I didn’t think she was a model.  I had the opportunity to shoot Gigi and Bella Hadid but I didn’t move fast enough.  These things happen.

When asked what does he look for in a subject Robert Voltaire says this:

“Outside of obvious beauty, I look for personality.  Anyone can be pretty but it is important who the models are on the inside.  Are they relatable?  Are they willing to put themselves out there and post regularly.  Most importantly if a model wants to shoot with me she should be interested in my work.  My images are provocative and not for everyone.  I am inspired by a model that has taken the time to look at my portfolio and trusts my judgment as a photographer.”

We can’t wait to see whom he discovers next.

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  1. You’re telling me these models aren’t pretty or successful enough to become celebrities on their own accord? How much dick is Robert sucking to get this article published?

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