How to Install Carpet in 6 Easy Steps

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Carpet flooring gives your home a new look and personality. When it comes to bare feet, nothing feels soft, cozy, warm and friendly like carpet. Carpets are perfect for businesses and families, depending on type. It is important that you look for installation experts to help you find the right carpet flooring that suits your needs. Here is a guide on how to install carpets.

Selecting the right carpet

There are various carpet styles in the market today. They include plush pile, commercial loop, berber cut pile, cut and loop pile and berber loop pile. These styles come with different types of fibers. You can either select artificial fibers or natural fibers. If you want to install carpet in places where there is high human traffic, then you should choose fibers that can hide soil and footprints. Plush carpets are suitable for formal areas since they are beautiful and soft.

Removing Old Carpet

Remove the moldings around the floor and door. Remember to vacuum your old carpet thoroughly to avoid inhaling the dust. Use a knife to cut it into strips. You should then pull your carpet off the tackless strips and roll it.

Remove the remaining tackles strips and ensure that the floor is clean and dry. Ensure that your floor has a sturdy and level base.

Lay the Underpad

Underpads provide padding under your carpet that enhances the softness on your feet. They also enable you to install your carpet without bunching.

Put the underlays in strips such that they overlap the tackless strips. Butt up the strips against each other while ensuring that they don’t overlap each other. Remember to trim excess underpad.
The next step is to staple the padding around the floor. Seal the seams using duct tape. It is advisable that you use glue when dealing with concrete floors.

Cut and Install the carpet

There is a higher chance that you will need several strips of carpet, especially when flooring large rooms. Make sure that you give each of your carpet strips an allowance of up to six inches. Ensure that you measure the length of the room and add 6 inches for each carpet strip.

Attach the carpet strip, butting against the wall on both ends of the room. Draw a line where the carpet meets the wall and use a knife to chop off the excess material along the line. Overlap the carpet strips and make sure that the pile runs in the same direction.

Set the Seams

Wide rooms will require more than one piece of carpet. Ensure you overlap the carpet pieces where they join. Use a knife or seam cutter to cut through the two overlapping pieces of the carpet. This will ensure that the pieces match perfectly. Pull the ends of both strips and seal them by using a carpet roller or rolling pin.

Stretch the carpet

A knee kick will finish the installation exercise. Place one end of the knee kicker almost 3 inches from the wall and work around the room. This will stretch the carpet over the tackless strips.

You should have realized that carpet installation is quite a tedious job. Without the skills, experience, and tools, installing carpet can be a very hard task. This is why you need professional carpet installers to do the job. Contact us for cheap carpet installation in Philadelphia.


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