Tips for a Great Career as a Medical Assistant (MA)

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If your goal is to become a medical assistant (MA), then you need to dedicate time to learning the clinical aspects of the job which includes taking a patient’s vital signs, and drawing blood among other tasks. Besides, you will need to develop soft skills that will help you both while training to be an MA and when carrying out your duties once you take on the role after training. Learning all these skills will make you a reliable MA dedicated to their job and satisfied with their input towards helping people. Here are 10 tips to guide you into becoming the best medical assistant:

1. Get an In-depth Understanding of What an MA’s Role Entails

What does the job require? During your training, you should shadow an experienced medical assistant to have a great insight on what tasks are required so that you know what is expected from you when you take on your first job. Therefore, pay attention to learn from the experienced medical assistants you encounter.

2. Be a Team Player

As an MA you are part of the healthcare team and hence carrying your own weight either in a hospital setting or medical office will help make the healthcare provision operation smoother. Nurses, physician and other medical office staff count on Mas to do their job properly and hence, do not shirk your duties forcing someone else to pick up your slack. Being a proactive team player imperative to be the best MA.

3. Choose the Best Learning Opportunities

When training to be an MA ensure that you choose the best program such as the Dorsey Schools medical assistant training that will allow you great learning opportunities such as training in many different procedures and exposure to competent and experienced Mas to guide you in making great moves in your career.

4. Be Organized

Organization is key for any career especially in the medical field and since you will encounter tasks such as management of many patients, phone calls and keeping up with schedules, to be a great MA, you need to be organized.

5. Time Management

Make the most of all your time before, during, and after the patients get n to keep up with your tasks, your scheduled and even pitch in when needed to help with an extra task.

6. Be respectful

As an MA, you will likely work in a busy place where the constant serving of patients some of whom may be rude can take a toll on you. Regardless, stay polite and respectful for more fulfilment.

7. Have a Great Attitude

Being the best MA means having a good attitude towards your work which translates in the willingness to serve others better and carry out your duties properly.

8. Be Attentive

As an MA, you need to predict what your provider needs and anticipate what would make your schedule run more smoothly.

9. Evaluate Often

Seek out ways to be better at your tasks and to make your practice better for better operation.

10. Approach Each Task with Professionalism

Do not regard some tasks as being below you and always keep in mind that though some may seem mundane, they are necessary in potentially saving someone’s life.


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