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Jim Adinolfi AKA DJ Jadin wants to make Rumford Maine a Tourist Destination

High Street Suites located at 455 High Street in Rumford Maine is one of Jim Adinolfi’s current lodging facilities in the area. Jim Adinolfi, the marketing director and owner of the Jadin Hotels, is planning to use the suites to welcome people from all over the world.

Last year in Rumford Maine his company Jadin Hotels promoted rooms for rent at Hotel Harris and now they’ve expanded their room and suites rental to the High Street Suites. They are also looking for property owners in the area about turning their properties into Airbnb listings or a hotel type property.

“That’s really what we’re looking to do at Jadin Hotels; take properties that are possibly underappreciated and appreciate them and really welcome people to the area. We want to welcome people from all over the world to Rumford, Maine,” Adinolfi said.

“This area is definitely a hiker’s and skier’s paradise. I feel that a lot of people want to get out of the city and be in nature and be ‘one with the mountains’ so to speak, and I think this type of life-style appeals to a lot of people from New York and Boston. When they come up here they really enjoy it and the great thing about this property is they really get to feel what it’s like to live here in the mountains,” Adinolfi said.

And aside from the view of the mountains and river, the place is also very safe with high tech locks with codes on every guest door. “And there is somebody monitoring the property 24-7, so if someone needs help there is someone there to help them,” Adinolfi said.

Another great feature at the suites is the woodstove, which is tended by Jadin staff or even sometimes Jim Adinolfi himself when he is in the area. And there are also free snacks and a K-cup coffee maker with Free Poland Spring water and other drinks to welcome guests during their stay.

Jadin Hotels is a part of Jadin Promotions, which offers tours of Maine, and discount airline flight tickets. They do not charge much for there flights to Maine in order to get people to come to the area. In addition to High Street Suites, Jadin Hotels also operates the Hotel Harris, Maine Suites, and a parking lot in Rumford. The company has over 70 properties in their portfolio most of which at located in the Northeast United States.

Jadin Hotels has offices in Rumford, Auburn, and Portsmouth New Hampshire and their headquarters is located in Waterbury Connecticut.