This Detailed Review Tells You What The Clover Retail POS System Is Really Like

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Clover Station retail POS system was acquired by First Data Corporation in 2012. There are more than 3000 banks that offer Clover Station POS system at present. There are other vendors of Clover Station POS system too.  

Where Clover Station Shines Bright

Clover Station is known for being applicable to any type of industry which is a major plus. However, it has been designed for the hospitality industry, restaurant businesses, and salons. The POS system is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Clover Station retail POS system is a cloud-based POS system which allows you to perform transactions for a while until you get back your Internet connection. The POS system is easy to use and you can set it up effortlessly. It is quite user-friendly and you can learn the basics within half an hour of training.

The apps that come along with Clover Station are pretty easy to understand and there is a wide range of apps for you to choose from. You are likely to find the tool you are looking for, for your particular business. You can find applications for employee management, coupon processing, and a lot more. You get to choose from free and paid apps although the paid apps are affordable most of the time. What if you have a specific requirement for which an app has not been created yet? The Clover API is there to help you out as you can use it for development purposes.

Clover Station POS system does not need any extra software tools for it to work as it works on the cloud. Updates are automatically downloaded which is hassle-free. This is true for all the devices that are connected to Clover. The dashboard can be used to get access to any information that you want. This holds true for all the Clover devices irrespective of the locations. As long as there is an active connection to the Internet, you should be able to do things smoothly because you can access the information required.

The Clover retail POS system features depend on the applications that you choose. Since Clover POS system can be adapted depending on the industry you operate in, the features that are available depend on the apps that you have particularly chosen for your business. It is simple for you to manage customer data, employee data, order data and so forth. You get an option to integrate Clover Station with its eCommerce platform. This provides easy integration ability with the POS system. This enables you to manage your store from anywhere you want.

Where Clover Station Retail POS System Falls Short

Clover Station POS is disappointing on many fronts too. Contracts are problematic and many false promises are made when it comes to problem-solving. There is no transparency which makes things worse. You have many options when it comes to buying Clover Station POS system. You will have to do your own research about customer support, prices, and rates. This can be quite a task. The only payment processor option that you have is First Data and when it comes to customer support after purchase, First Data is the one you must rely on.

There are hidden fees that are one of the biggest concerns.  If you are an expanding business, you might have to spend a few thousand dollars when you need more than one terminal. To add to this, since Clover Station works on First Data proprietary hardware, testing the POS system is not possible without spending a grand first. What if you want to switch? That is another headache that you need to think about. Customer support is another disadvantage of the Clover Station POS system as proper support is not provided. 

What You Can Do

While Clover Station is one of the POS systems that are known for great features, bad customer service can be a deal-breaker for many. You want the support you need when you are setting it up and if any issues crop up. If you are unwilling to compromise on the customer support part then you have no option but to choose another POS system instead. The complaints regarding bad customer service have only been escalating in the past and this is not good news. This is why it is up to you to decide what is of more importance to you. Support or great features? 

If you are looking for a retail POS system that provides the best features overall, then you might want to consider Shopify POS system. Shopify does not work on proprietary hardware. Shopify’s customer service is available 24/7 which ensures you are able to contact customer care whenever you want. Shopify’s customer care representatives enable you to solve your problem at the earliest. This ensures small businesses and newbies can easily use Shopify’s POS system while resting assured about getting customer support whenever they need it.


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