Grow Sales On Amazon

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Getting more sales on Amazon can make your business and be highly beneficial to your bottom line. Here are some tips to do so.

Work On Your Search Engine Optimization

To rank listings, Amazon looks at keyword placement in the product’s title, in addition to pricing and seller rating. The strategies used to improve Google rankings in the early 2000’s by SEO agencies can be seen in Amazon’s keyword stuffing option for product titles.

To help ensure that your product is visible, you get a 500 character limit in the product title, where you can use as many keywords as possible. You can include description, brand, material, color, product line, quantity and size in this field as per Amazon’s suggestion.

To find the most popular long tail keywords, usually awarded a 1 to 10 score; consider taking advantage of Amazon’s Autocomplete service which is included in the Amazon Keyword Tool. Afterwards, to gauge the search volume associated with the keywords, import the ones you consider to be a perfect fit into the Google Keyword Planner Tool.

Amazon also provides you with a keyword field, separate from the product title, where you can enter more relevant information. Since Amazon will overlook any keywords used in the keyword field that were also used in the product title, it would be of no use to include them. Use wisely the five keywords or keyword phrases allowed here.

Win The Buy Box By Remaining Competitive

A common misconception help by most of the traders who avoid using Amazon to sell their products is that it’s too competitive; this, notwithstanding the fact that a profit margin of more than 20 percent is reported by 55 percent of its traders.

To win the buy box, pricing, fulfillment, customer experience and availability are essential according to Amazon.

To ensure that you are competitive, Repricing solutions including Teikametrics and FeedVisor, keep track of the prices set by your competition round the clock. Pricing your products at $0.01 lower than the competition could end up changing a lot. The main advantage of these solutions is that they work in real time, 24/7. The repricer can increase pricing automatically to create maximum profits if for instance once of your competitors runs out of a certain product.

Seek Advertising

Try using Amazon sponsored products of you are looking to get your products in front of as many eyeballs as possible or starting out. This way, your products will be displayed on detail pages, in the right hand column or just below search results.

To increase the visibility of ads, Amazon has announced a plan to expand this feature soon. It’s a no brainer, as to get you started they offer a free credit as well. You could also use a service such as ATOM to grow your sales.

Use Discounts

To build lasting relationships and convert motivated buyers just like in the above point number 2, take advantage of discounts.

You can get first place for your product category by offering substantial discounts and daily offers. This makes it possible for you to attract more traffic by increasing your likelihood of appearing on Amazon’s homepage under the “New & Noteworthy” and “Hot Deals” categories.

Other products which can also be seen on the page get to enjoy increased exposure as well. This gives customers the opportunity to purchase one of your full priced items as they get to see more of your offering.

Marketing Elsewhere

You can market to people outside your Amazon store, even though any direct calls to action and email communications that direct people away from Amazon is not allowed. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use relevant content to target your niche via WordPress for free through article writing and blogs.

You can also link back to your store using content posted on Hubpages, another great place to write relevant articles around your subject.

Another way of enhancing customer retention is to consider attaching a coupon to the bottom of your packing slips. You can also encourage people to order again through BOGOF, flash deals, free shipping and one time promotions.


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