21 Adorable Rarely Seen Newborn Wild Animals

Babies are the most precious gifts in our lives, and the most marvelous creations in nature. It is simply impossible to look at a baby and not go “Awww”.

The cuteness doesn’t extend only to human babies either.  Mother Nature has intended all the babies in the world to poses those features that make them lovable at first glance.

True, there are exceptions, some babies may be on the ugly side, but we still feel the urge to cuddle and protect them. Even more so when they are adorable baby animals. And we’re not talking about puppies and kittens here. These are some of the less know wild animal babies.

1. Wombat

2. Pygmy Marmoset

3. Wallaby

4. Hedgehogs

5. Baby Gorilla With Mom

6. Tortoise

7. Porcupine

8. Tapir

9. Echidna

10. Camel

11. Polar Bear

12. Fawn

13. Sea Otters

14. Pigeons

15. Mouse Lemur

16. Crocodile

17. Sea Lion

18. Fennec Fox

19. Koala

20. Armadillo

21. Sloth


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