None Like Joshua Talks About Bethesda And The Dishonored Rap

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Hello again folks! If you remember, a couple months ago in late September, I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with the amazing None Like Joshua. When last we spoke it was just a general conversation about his career and musical influences that he drew from the gaming lifestyle. If you missed it the first time it came around, then you can find it here.

This time, while it is indeed another short piece about gaming, we’re somewhat more focused. This time Josh has followed in the footsteps of Mr Daniel Licht, who for the uninformed is a big name in the media industry. He is the current musician behind the Silent Hill Franchise replacing Akira Yamaoka and has also created scores for the massive hit TV series “Dexter”.

But Josh has put his own twist on the fan favourite “Drunken Whaler”, turning it into an amazing glitch-hop and Dubstep hybrid that both portrays the feeling and atmosphere of the game, with lyrics that you can easily connect to key moments in the game itself. Although our conversation was brief, it was very informative about the process. This is what Josh had to say about the process of creating the musical score that he would mix with Drunk Whaler.

“My writing process for the Dishonored remix was a bit difficult. First, I made the instrumental in about a week with the idea of mixing glitch-hop, orchestral elements, and dubstep. Second, I had to watch as many play throughs as I could find and research some gaming review articles to write the lyrics since the remix contest was being held before the release and had to be submitted beforehand too. I didn’t hear about the results till about a month later (which was KILLING me) and we had the game on pre-order”

The Dishonred remix was created with the intent of being handed over to Bethesda to be entered into their Dishonred music challenge. Bethesda challenged all aspiring DJs and music producers out there to take a song from the game’s soundtrack, a sullen and sinister sounding ditty called “The Drunken Whaler,” and turn it into an entirely new tune of their own design. If you haven’t heard the sea shanty inspired track, you can find it here.

Of course I had to find out what he thought of the game. So far the opinions of the game have been somewhat polar in their views. Some people absolutely love the game and admired its Thief inspired first person view and it’s Bioshock like steampunk feeling. But Josh greatly enjoyed the game; here are his thoughts on the title.

“Anyway, the process of the game was pretty unique for me. I kept thinking it was a mix of Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, and Bioshock. My roommate did the chaos path while I did the non-lethal one so we could compare. I was only upset that going non-lethal doesn’t actually give you MORE quests or missions (hope that’s not a spoiler) but only a few environmental factors change. There were so many times where we were like, “Hey, that’s not what happened for me” like we were surprised. I’d say it’s good to do both paths if you plan on playing the game again. It’s much more difficult to do non-lethal than the chaos path, that’s for sure. The game has a great plot, great gameplay, and I expect a badass, prolonged sequel to this one.”

And with time being as short as it was he had little time to say much else. But if you’re interested in hearing more of his music, or you simply want to watch his rap videos or follow his channel you can find Josh on YouTube here. You can also become a part of his amazing Facebook community here.  And last but by no means least, you can follow his twitter feed which will keep you up to date on all his upcoming news and tracks here.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned for more video game related content in the future. You can check out the Video for the NoneLikeJoshua Dishonored Dubstep Rap right here!

[youtube id=”Tl-BxG6oGmM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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