Girl Takes Selfies With Annoying Catcallers

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Catcalling is something women hate the most while walking around town. It makes them feel scared, objectified, vulnerable and down right angry. Some ladies might take it as a compliment, but the fact remains that all those whistles and sexist remarks are generally unwanted attention. And it is not a phenomenon happening only in the States.

Noah Jansma, a 20-year old student from Amsterdam has ad her fair share of catcalls, and one day decided to do something about it. And she did it in the most unexpected way – she started a project. She confronted her catcallers and taking selfies with them which she posted on Instagram under the account @dearcatcallers.

On her pictures there’s an obvious difference between the shameless smiles of the callers and the weary look on Noah’s face. It proves how frequent, realistic and unpleasant these experiences are which women from all over the world face daily. Although her experiment ended, she hopes that this will open a discussion of this problem that torments women and she even calls other victims to share their experiences in the same way and with the hashtag #dearcatcallers.

Here are the pictures she managed to take.

  1. Noah Jansma


2.The classic 


3. The classic


4. *psssssst, kissing sounds and whistling”


5. “Hey beautiful, Why are you sad?” ~”I’m not sad” ~”Why don’t you smile at me then? You’re too sweet to be sad”


6. slowly following me 2 streets shouting “sexy!” and “wanna come in my car?”


7. * whistle * / Girlllllllll! * whistling *


8. The classic


9. “Babyyyyyyyy! THANKYOU” *blowkiss* 


10. Mmmmmm beautiful sweet girl


11. My name is not baby


12. The classic


13. “baby! Baby! *whisting*”


14. *honks at me 3 times with his scooter, approaches from behind and cuts off my way* “God bless, When I see you, all I get is wild thoughts, wild, Wild Thoughts!! Darling” *honks again 3 times*


15. … after following me for straight 10 minutes “sexy girl Where you goin’?? Can I come with you ?” …


16. “Hey girl, where are you going?” ~ “home” ~ “Who do we live with? Where do you live? Think we can do fun things together”


17. Another classic


18. “weheeee horny girl”


19. Ey sexygirl, Where are you going alone?”


20. “Wohoo look! *laughing and loud whistling* 


21. Another classic


22. * psssssst, kissing sounds and whistling “


23. “hmmmm you wanna kiss?”


24. “I know what I would do with you, baby”


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