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17 Creative Pool Floats You Mustn’t Be Without

Swimming is the best remedy for hot summer days, especially on days like these when the heat just isn’t letting up. On the other hand, swimming in open water or in a pool can get exhausting after a while and we are forced to leave its soothing coolness and venture out in the open.

Or maybe not.

Another fun way to get the best of both worlds is to just chill on a large float. It is simply the best feeling ever, getting lulled by the waves while you cool down splashing in the water and getting some tan at the same time.

The classic float is a mattress shaped one, but over the years designers ofthese items have become more and more creative, resulting in whimsical and silly floats that match all the fun and relaxing times spend in the water. Here are some of the best floats around.


1. Sun Flower


2. Swan




4. White Butterfly Wings


5. Bitten Off Doughnut 


6. Parrot 


7. Watermelon Slice 


8. Unicorn With Wings


9. Flamingo 


10. Open Venice Shea-shell 


11. Flame Emoji


12. Cactus And Pineapple 


13. Pink Seashell 


14. Pizza Slices 


15. Peacock 


16. Watermelon Circle 


17. Rainbow Cloud



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