16 Fresh Unexpected Perspectives Of Famous Places

It is human nature to want to travel and explore things and places we’ve never seen before.

Even so, not all of us are up to the challenge of going on long journeys to see all the places we want or are even too found of traveling. For those of us, looking trough pictures of far away places, taken by professional and amateur photographs is the next best thing.

And there are plenty of photographs shared on the web from nearly every place we can imagine, however most, especially those of more famous landmarks, look like clones of one-another.

To give you a new look on some old travel-site favorites, here’s a collection of images that provide a fresh and probably more realistic feel of the places you might one day get to see in person.


  1. Easter Island Lined Statues


2. Stonehenge Stone Fields


3. Waiting In Line On Mount Everest


4. A look inside the data center Google


5. viewing the mona lisa


6. Shanghai, China


7. line for eiffel tower


8. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

9.  Nördlingen Bavarian city that is built on the meteor crater is 14 million years old


10. Dubai Islands


11. Niagara Falls


12. central park ny


13. the forbidden city in Beijing 


14. Air Force One Over Mount Rushmore


15. Both sides of the Rio de Janeiro

16. The Great Pyramids of Giza as seen from the streets of Cairo


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