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The Honest Way Aziz Ansari Urges You To Vote

The presidential elections are just around the corner. If you’re an American, giving your vote for the next person that will dictate how the country will be run for the next four years.

And still, some people think their vote doesn’t count, and have still not registered for voting. Many celebrities were called to make inspirational videos, urging you to vote.

The prdicers of these videos weren’t always picky in their choice of celebrity, so we ended up with many videos featuring more or less famous people.

A video that, we can safely say stands out, is the one made with comedian and actor Aziz Ansari.

It definitely looks to be made without a script, with Aziz talking about his take on this entire situation. One downside is that he clearly expresses for which candidate he will be voting, but even with that the video is entertaining to watch. Here it is.

Did this inspire you to go out and vote?


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