Kid Got Bullied For His Shoes And This Is His Response

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Children tease and even bully each other more often than we’d like to admit. It a very negative behavior, sometimes leading to tragic outcomes for those who are bullied.

What can we as parents do to prevent this?

Teaching the victimized children to have more confidence is probably one of the best options we can think of, but there is one other thing we can do: educate children not to be bullies in the first place and how to deal with being on the receiving end of it.

10-year old Nyeeam Hudson was bullied for wearing FILA sneakers. Most kids in this situation would feel embarrassed, inferior, angry, demanding of their parents to buy them more expensive shoes afterwards.

But Nyeeam is not like most kids. He is actually the youngest motivational speaker today, going under the moniker King Nahh, and the way he handled the situation would leave most adults in awe.

King Nahh’s messages for self-love and self-esteem are wise beyond his years and has touched thousands of children and adults alike.

So, what was his response to being bullied? The answer coming form this old soul will leave you in awe.

Parents everywhere should take a page from this kid’s book.

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