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A Farewell Tap Dance To One Of Prince’s Greates HIts

Forget twerking. These ladies are bringing back the tap.

When it comes to dancing, there is no such thing as old, outdated or obsolete moves, and The Syncopated Ladies proved that by shining the spotlight back on the “golden age” tap dance.

They are a female tap dance band that took the world by storm, especially with their latest choreography piece honoring the legacy of the pop legend Prince.

In memory to his timeless piece “When Doves Cry” these LA dancers have created a truly remarkable and unique tap choreography.

This is only the latest of their many dance routines to famous pop songs, including dances to songs by Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Rihanna and many more, taking the world by storm.

For now, enjoy both the nostalgic sounds of Prince and the amazing performance by these incredibly talented Syncopated Ladies.

Amazing performance, worthy of the final salute to Prince.