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The Secret Ambyss In A Lake In Portugal Captured With A Drone

It never ceases to amaze jut how much we miss out on by not being able to fly and se the world from a bird’s eye view.

Everything looks more amazing and beautiful from above, and at times it even reveals secrets hidden in plane sight.

This incredible footage from Serra da Estrela lake in Portugal is living proof of that.

At one end of a lake there is a deep hole creating a vortex that seems to go on to the very center of he earth.

while it is an undeniably incredible sight, this is actually a man-made object, a concrete tunnel built in 1955 which serves to forward the Naves river waters to Long Pond. It has 1519 meters in length and is able to reach 120 thousand cubic meters.

It is a rare and beautiful sight to behold, but what’s more surprising is that it seems that the locals weren’t aware of it’s existence .

For now enjoy the footage captured by the done of some tourists.



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