Young Pianist Plays An Amazing Piece Despite Having No Hands

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When you have talent for something nothing should discourage you or get in your way.

15-year old Aleksey Romanov from Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia is a living proof of that.

Despite being born with a genetic disorder which left him with underdeveloped hands, young Aleksey still managed to follow his passion for music.

Choosing to play the piano without having any fingers may seem like a ridiculous and impossible thing to do, but after you hear his performance, you won’t even notice that it was played without more than two fingers.

Alaksey is already somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown and all of his friends, naighbours and fellow citisenz can’t wait to see how his fascinatin musical talent will develop.

For now enjoy Alesey’s version of “River flows in you”

Beautiful and inspirational.


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