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How This Grandfather Brought His Family Together For Christmas Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

The sad truth is that we realize what’s truly important once we no longer have it. Like our aging parents.

Once we have a family of our own, we start neglecting our parents, taking their place in our lives for granted.

As they slowly grow older and we make empty promises to visit them “some other time”, we come to that moment when there isn’t a “next time” anymore.

This situation is especially painful when the holiday season comes around and the grandparents get that phone call saying: Sorry, we can’t celebrate the holidays together this year.

In this German supermarket commercial that went viral, a family like that got a holiday wake up call from the grandfather like no one expected.

And it should be a wake up call for all of us.

Always find time to spend with your family, before it becomes too late to do so.


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