This White Guy Can Use The N-Word Without Consequences

The use of the N-word when talking to black people is a taboo for white people, considered to be highly offensive and racist.

Yet, it is OK for back people use it among themselves. They do so often, even putting it in songs and other pop-culture references, using it as a term of closeness.

That double standard can sometimes be a bit confusing among close friends of these two races.

Can white people use the N-word when they talk to their close black friend without ending in a fight?

Probably not,but apparently there is one loophole to this unwritten rule.

In a hilariously ingenious stand-up act, a group of comedians Bill Dawes, Eric Blake and Justin Mitchell demonstrate just what it is and how to use it.

Use the N-word with impunity with your N-word proxy.


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