The Prickliest And Sweetest Muffins You’ll Ever Have

This is not a edible recipe, yet it’s so sweet, you’ll feel like you’re blood sugar rising.

So, how to make these adorable muffins?

Take six baby African Pygmy hedgehogs, one muffin baking tray and tuck in each little hedgehog in one of the muffin molds.

Wait until they go to sleep and watch the cuteness overload once they start waking up.

With their little spikes, you’d think that these little babies will have a hard time finding comfortable places to sleep, yet they seem quite happy to settle down in a muffin pan.

And the picture they make is priceless.

Start the day with a smile on your face which will surely appear once you see the moments these hedgehogs wake up.


Awww, so sweet.


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