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10-Year Old Jammin’ The Blues In His Onesie Jammies Will Blow You Away

Most kids today prefer pop music, rap, hip hop R&B, but rarely do you see young kids listening to blues and even play it, if they know how.

Toby Lee is a 10-year old from Banbury, UK, plays the guitar since he was 3-years old and his talent and hard work is clearly seen in the way he plays those strings.

As a fan of the legendary king of blues B.B. King, young Toby Lee started teaching himself how to play this type of music and His tone and feeling is quite amazing.

Here is him in his tiger onesies playing one of his many solos, this one dedicated to his idol.

To see more of Toby Lee’s solo’s visit his Facebook page

Is amazing to see that there is such talent for the future of blues.