Conception II To Launch In Europe As A Digital Download Title

Conception II: Children Of The Seven Star is going to be released in Europe as a digital only title, Atlus confirmed a few hours ago. This is actually quite interesting, as this is the first time Atlus self-publishes one of its games in Europe.

Conception 2: Children Of The Seven Star is a turn based role-playing game developed by Spike Chunsoft and second game of the Conception series. Players will be taking the role of a young man who is trying to become a Disciple, powerful individuals who are graced with the power of a Star God. Our main character will also have to deal with monsters coming from the Pandora Labyrinth who threaten the whole world.

The first Conception was quite a strange game, even for Japanese role-playing game standards. Players had to charm innocent girls from Granvania National Star God Academy to produce Star Children, who can be used in battle inside dungeons. The produced Star Children will have different stats and abilities depending on the parents. In the end the game is a unique mix of role-playing games and dating simulation games which unfortunately never got released in the West.

Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars is going to be released in North America on April 15th on PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The European release date has yet to be confirmed. You can learn more about the game’s themes by checking out the ESRB rating summary.

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