Beyond: Two Souls Gets A New 17 Min Long Gameplay Video

A new 17 min long gameplay video has become available today for Beyond: Two Souls, the latest adventure game developed by Quantic Dream exclusively on Playstation 3.

The new video, which can be seen by going here, comes after yesterday’s huge set of new screenshots. With the game approaching its final release date, it’s no surprise that the team has been promoting it with new videos and screenshots.

Beyond: Two Souls will star Jadie Holmes and Aiden, a supernatural entity that has been linked to Jodie since a young age. Aiden is a mysterious entity and not much is known about it, only the fact that Jodie is the only person alive that can communicate with it.

During the course of the game players will have the opportunity to follow Jodie through fifteen years of Jodie’s life, witnessing many different events that have had an impact on her life itself.

Despite being a single play game, Beyond: Two Souls will also feature a co-op multiplayer mode, where players will be able to control Aiden with a smartphone or tablet.

Beyond: Two Souls will be released on October 8th in North America and on October 11th in Europe. A demo version of the game featuring two full levels from the final release will become available on October 1st in North America and on the following day in Europe.