Disney Infinity PS3 Has Freezing Problems, Temporary Fix Detailed

The sandbox platform game Disney Infinity has already been released in North America and it will soon be available in Europe on all home consoles. Unfortunately PS3 players have been experiencing some freezing issues that prevent them from fully enjoy this unique Disney themed game.

It looks like the reason behind the freezing issues is the first patch released for the game yesterday. John Vignocchi, the game’s producer, has revealed that deleting the patch and not installing it again when prompted will prevent these issues until Avalanche Software release a new, stable patch.

Disney Infinity is an interesting spin on the gameplay experience first introduced by the Skylander series where real life toys can also be used inside the game’s world: each Play Set will be a self-contained experience, based on a specific movie or a set of recognizable characters. In Toy Box mode players will be able to put any character together: the Toy Box mode will be an open world game mode where players will be able to fully customize their gameplay experience.

Disney Infinity is now available on Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii U and 3DS in North America. The game will launch in Europe on August 23rd while the PC version will be released later in October.