Xbox One’s Kinect to Save Time with Reading QR Codes

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QR Codes were a really cool idea from a while ago that was supposed to help mobile phones pull up information quicker and more efficiently, but sadly, the technology seemed to never really catch on. In part, it was because of companies like Microsoft creating their own kind of QR codes and some other companies following suit, instead of just adapting what was already considered the standard at the time. So it is a little funny to think that Microsoft will be utilizing QR Codes in the near future for the Xbox One.

The idea is that we all know about those pesky download codes that we get included in games. They are awful, they are long and they are obnoxious to type in. The Xbox One is going to come packed with a Kinect, forcing the Kinect to be a standard, so why not use the damned thing to make download codes a lot easier? Microsoft seems to be in agreement with this and is looking into using QR Codes to be scanned by the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor and to make life a whole lot easier for us. This is exactly what QR Codes are supposed to be used for.