Massive Chalice Kickstarter ends successfully with $1.2M raised

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Double Fine has successfully funded another new project via Kickstarter, Massive Chalice, and it raised nearly double of it’s original goals. The campaign, which launched back in May, had a funding goal of $725,000 — this goal was reached and surpassed in early June. Project lead Brad Muir, who has worked on Double Fine titles like Iron Brigade, Brütal Legend and Psychonauts, spoke to Polygon and he was surprised at how successful the Kickstarter was.

“I’m ecstatic! I can’t believe that we’ve cleared our goal by such a large amount,” Muir told Polygon. “It’s humbling and inspiring to see our backers show up in large amounts to support a brand new game, especially with all the risks. And now that I’ve gotten over the sheer terror, I’m really motivated and excited to make good on our promises and deliver the best game possible.”

“There will be tons of brainstorming sessions and lots of fresh concepts created during this period,” he said. “I’m really excited to share all of this information with our community. We’re going to keep doing a lot of live-streaming and posts to our forums and Tumblr to keep our backers in the loop.”

Double Fine’s first project, Broken Age, raised $3,336,371 and was one of the most successful video game fundraisers in Kickstarter history.