Fairy Fencer R Gets New Special Attacks Screenshots

New screenshots are now available for the upcoming Compile Hearts RPG Fairy Fencer R. The new screenshots showcase the special attacks for Fang and Harler and you can take a look at them at the end of this post.

Fairy Fencer R tells the story of gods and goddesses and of twisted royalty. Yoshitaka Amano will be working as a concept artist while Nobuo Uematsu will be scoring the game together with his own band, the Earthbound Papas. Compile Heart will be handling actual development. The game’s story has been written by Toshiki Inoue who has worked on a few Kamen Rider series, as well as writing the scripts for the anime of Death Note, Dr.Slump and Dragon Ball.

The battle system of the game will be an evolution of the one used in the latest Neptunia games featuring team attacks and aerial combos: if you enjoyed the latest rpgs developed by Compile Heart you’ll definitely enjoy this one too.

Fairy Fencer R will be released in Japan on September 19th exclusively on Ps3. There are currently no news for a possible North American or European release: we’ll keep you updated once something new comes in about the matter.