Wild Grizzlies Doing The Boogie Is The Funniest Thing Ever

Do you remember that scene from Disney’s “Jungle Book” when Baloo is contently scratching against a tree?

It is a pretty adorable and funny Baloo moment, but not so far fetched from the truth than you might have realized.

Would it surprise you to know that real-life bears do the same thing in the wild?

“Planet Earth” was a nature documentary series produced by BBC Natural History Unit in 2006, offering information and insight an nearly all wild life on Earth and the places they inhabit.

Now,a decade later, the show is about to see its long awaited sequel, in Planet Earth II.

While gathering footage from around the world, the creators of this project bore witness to many rare or never-before seen moments of animal behavior in their natural environment.

One of the more amusing among them are the dancing grizzlies from the Canadian Mountains.

Well, they are not literally dancing, just scratching an itch, but once you add music to the movements they make, you can’t help but think that they really are dancing the “Jungle Boogie”.

Take a look and make sure to check out this amazing series.


Let’s boogie.

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