18 Very Unusual Close Ups of Everyday Objects That Are Fascinating in Every Way

Did you ever try to see some random object from up close? It’s impossible right?

Every time you put it in front of your eyes it becomes so blurry and you can’t spot the details.

Well, someone decided to give you the pleasure of extreme close shots letting you see every single detail of these objects.

The photos you will see are amazing in every way and you will be fascinated by some of them.

I bet you didn’t know a grain of sugar could look like that from up close.

That and 17 others are waiting for you below. Let’s go:

1. Corrugated Fiberboard

1. Corrugated Fiberboard

2. Book pages

2. Book pages

3. Screw

3. Screw

4. Soap foam

4. Soap foam

5. Corn flake

5. Corn flake

6. Incense stick

6. Incensse stick

7. Apple Stalk

7.  Apple Stalk

8. Serrated Knife

8. Serrated Knife

9. Lipstick

9. Lipstick

10. Beach stone

10. Beach stone

11. Tea bag

11. Tea bag

12. Brass Key

12. Brass Key

13. Spaghetti noodle

13. Spaghetti noodle

14. Kitchen Sponge

14. Kitchen Sponge

15. Ballpoint Pen

15. Ballpoint Pen

16. Grain of sugar

16. Grain of sugar

17. X key of a keyboard

17. X key of a keyboard.

18. Head of a match

18. Head of a match

Amazing huh?

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