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Destiny: Thoughts on Moving to Planet Destiny


Planet Destiny, the comprehensive fan site for the online, first-person shooter video game, Destiny, has purchased Essentially, Planet Destiny wants to be the online fan hub for all things Destiny. The problem with Planet Destiny is that its own Looking for Group resource was getting poor traffic. This is one problem that did not experience. So, presto chango, Planet Destiny has basically bought out and merged with its competition. That is not so terrible. In fact, it is the nature of business and the free market system. It is not necessarily illegal or wrong for a company to buy out a single competitor.

Personally, I like Planet Destiny. I especially find Planet Destiny a great resource for reviews and analysis of the game’s various weapons. I enjoy reading the reviews of Legendary and Exotic weapons and gear on Planet Destiny. In addition, the supplementary videos that break down the attributes and various perks for a given weapon are excellent. From a business perspective, it makes sense that Planet Destiny wants to expand its purview to be the one-stop-shop center for Destiny players, which would include its own LFG resource.

On the other hand, was my own go-to resource for all my “looking for group” needs with Destiny. Bungie’s own forums and the Destiny app were not much help in that regard; so, in many ways, was like a godsend. Planet Destiny is not shutting down…for now. However, Planet Destiny is developing a new LFG resource to unite all players who need one for the game. In theory, I have no problem with that. However, I hope that whatever Planet Destiny comes up with in its final stage, is not inferior to what is currently available. is very easy to use. It has live chat options, and it also has a feature in which the website constantly updates the status of new groups looking for members or players in real time. I looked at the Beta for Planet Destiny. So far, it does not look as impressive as However, the site is in the Beta stages,  and hopefully it will improve from here. That said, I am intrigued by the notion of a Destiny LFG mobile app that would work a lot better than Bungie’s Destiny app. I like the fact that Planet Destiny appears to have that feature in mind.

In the end, why hasn’t Bungie, as the Destiny developer, not bought out these online websites to make them official Destiny resources? It is disappointing that there is no in-game LFG resource for Destiny. In the next gen era of consoles, one would think that developers and publishers should have figured this out by now.


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