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Destiny: Vault Size and Raid Glitches Are Good Problems to Address


Recently, in the latest Bungie Weekly Update, Bungle community manager David “Deej” Dague addressed some of the upcoming features for the next update patch for Destiny. Among the problems with Destiny the new update will address some problems that Deej personally singled out: the size of the vault for items in the Tower, and glitches for the Raid fights with Atheon in The Vault of Glass and Crota in Crota’s End. These fixes sound encouraging and very exciting.

Specifically, the size of the player vaults in the Tower has become a big problem. Currently, the vault is simply not big enough to accommodate all of a single player’s items, loot and gear for the game. I have already run out of spaces to hold extra shaders, emblems, spaceship designs and more. I do not want to trash most of these items. However, with a lack of space in my own Guardian inventory and the vault, I did not have much of an option other than to get rid of some choice items. It is even worse for players who have multiple Guardian accounts. Based on Deej’s statement, Bungie will address this problem for the next update. Hopefully, if all goes well, players will have more space to store extra gear that they want to keep.

The Raid glitches are another big issue that I am happy to see addressed. Here is the biggest recurring problem I have seen in Crota’s End: the case of the disappearing sword. In Crota’s End, a sword from a Hive knight is needed to attack and kill Crota. Sometimes, my Raid team will kill the knight, get his sword, but the sword will suddenly disappear when it should not. This greatly disrupts the flow of the Raids. In Crota’s End, players are on a time limit before enrage, so it is a big problem. Another issue concerns Crota attacking cloaked Hunter Guardians when he should not be able to see them. Sometimes Crota does not see them; sometimes he does and attacks anyway. There is clearly a consistency problem with the Cloak ability here. So, if Bungie can fix these issues that would go a long way to smooth out the Raid missions.

In addition, the weekly update mentioned a change to how ammo crates for the Crucible player-vs.-player matches. I am a bit cautious about this change. Personally, I do not have any problems with ammo crates or distribution for the Crucible. If the change disrupts the flow of Crucible battles, I am not sure if this will constitute a positive change for the game.

Destiny will release update patch 1.1.2 later on.


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