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Street Fighter V Character Wish List

So far, Capcom has revealed only three fighters for the character roster in the upcoming Street Fighter V video game. Charlie Nash was recently announced as one of the characters for the game, joining Ryu and Chun-Li. Whenever there is a Street Fighter V video game, certain characters are expected and guaranteed. Characters like Guile, M. Bison, Vega, Dhalsim, Ken Masters and Blanka are expected to appear in the game. Here is a list of characters I definitely want to see as playable characters for the next game. Ultimately, I hope the game will have a nice mix of new fighters in addition to classic ones.

5. Juri

Juri was another new addition to Street Fighter IV. She has a great character design. Not only that, but she brought a unique quality to the table. Juri is really the first true female villainess of the Street Fighter franchise. Previously, female characters in the Street Fighter franchise were more heroic or on the vanilla side. Juri was quite sadistic and manipulative. I hope she is back for the next game.

4. Crimson Viper

Crimson Viper is one of the new characters from Street Fighter IV whom I really enjoyed and I hope makes a return for Street Fighter V. Viper had a cool look and a mysterious background. She seemed to be a bad guy who was working for Shadaloo, but she is in actuality a double agent. One of the more interesting sides of Crimson Viper is that she is a loving mother. The dual nature of Crimson Viper’s character is quite interesting, and I hope the sequel will explore that aspect of her persona.

3. Mike Haggar

Mike Haggar is another one of the Final Fight protagonists who has previously crossed over to the Street Fighter games. I always enjoy Haggar’s style because he is a pro wrestler at heart, and I am a huge fan of pro wrestling. Not to mention, his style makes him a perfect match-up against Zangief, who also used pro wrestling moves in his arsenal. The fact is that Haggar just fits right at home in Street Fighter.

2. Dan Hibki

Dan Hibiki has always been a favorite of mine. He is a comedic character with a lot of appeal, charisma and charm. Dan is rather arrogant, and he is probably one of the weaker characters in the franchise. However, that is all part of Dan’s allure. All these qualities make Dan a bit of an underdog and you cannot help but root for him.

1. Cody

I hope Cody, one of the protagonists from the Final Fight series, will be able to get out of prison between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V. In the next game, I would like to see Cody uncuffed and really unleashed. Cody has always been a favorite Capcom character of mine, and I enjoyed how he was incorporated into the Street Fighter franchise. Hopefully, he will become a more prominent character in the next game.


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