Make the Perfect Zebra Cake With This Easy Tutorial

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I have always wondered how people make these colorful cakes.

You take a slice of an amazing cake with fabulous decorations and you get surprised from the inside design.

It’s like someone took his talents and did something awesome.

We will start you off with something easy enough to get into the “inside design” game.

It’s not something complicated and I assure you the result is delicious.

We will get straight to it step by step.

For this cake tutorial we give you the freedom of choosing your best white and black batter. For this tutorial, the cooker used Duncan Hines Devil’s Food Cake and Duncan Hines French Vanilla. Prepare each of them separately and enjoy the process!

As we said earlier, you can use your favorite white and black cake recipe for this purpose.

Your two bowls of batter


Drop ¼ cup of the vanilla batter into the middle of your 8-inch pan


Pour ¼ of the chocolate batter into the center of the vanilla butter


Follow the procedure several times by using the same measurements and methods


Continue until your pans are approximately 2/3 full


Ready for the oven


Bake them as long as you bake any other cake and after you are done it’s time for having fun. Assemble the bottom layer top side up and the top layer topside down.

It doesn’t really matter how you assemble them because they will look awesome either way.

You can pick your own design


It’s time for cutting this pretty cool zebra cake


You don’t need to stop here. Get creative and bake the zebra cake to perfection.

And yes, after you create your ideal zebra cake…share the tutorial with us. We would be happy to see it.

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