Destiny: The House of Wolves Leaks Look Interesting

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Joe Rogan once stated, “You can’t stop the Internet.” With that statement, he simply and eloquently expressed that no matter how strict companies are with trade secrets, financial data and special assets, the Internet will find a way to get them out. For the most part, all company and personal data is stored somewhere in the digital space, a person can retrieve it with a click of a button. In that regard, it seems there has been another leak for Bungie’s next upcoming standalone downloadable content expansion pack for Destiny, The House of Wolves. For legal purposes, I will avoid posting any of the leaks here.  However, some of the images leaked on Reddit are worth discussing.

It has been clear from launch that The House of Wolves would involve the Guardians of the Tower and the City would be based around the alien race called the Fallen. In the launch content, the main player Guardian ended up owing a favor to the Queen of the Reef. The Queen is the ruler of the Awoken in the ship graveyard that was formed at the edge of the great Collapse. There were a lot of hints about humans fleeing Earth from the onslaught of the Darkness on ships. The graveyard is the last place the Traveler’s light went during the Collapse. Everything else about the Awoken and the Queen of the Reef is steeped in mystery. In addition, the Queen became the leader for a house of Fallen aliens. Most players aptly concluded that in The House of Wolves DLC, the Queen would call in the solid that the player owes her from earlier in the game. The leaked images pretty much confirm just that.

In a post on the Bungie forums for Destiny, Bungie community manager David “Deej” Dague went on a long-winded diatribe saying the leaked images on Reddit are essentially a work in progress. There were many leaked images of armor, gear and various weapons for the DLC. Deej implied the images could be placeholders and that the developers could overwrite any of the existing images. None of that is hard to believe. However, the core of his statements indicates that the images are legit. Yes, they could be early works in progress. Yes, the content in the leaks could be changed. However, the leaks still offer a look at what will be available for the DLC and what some of the missions could entail. Could some of the contents change? Yes, absolutely. However, nothing that was shown looks like a huge stretch of the imagination. Dague did not outright say any of the leaks were fake. He basically said things were updated and changing. From personal experience, when representatives of corporations try to come out and say something is not accurate, the truth tends to be either the exact opposite or somewhere in the middle. I am not saying Bungie is lying in this case. I am simply saying that Bungie is trying to do its job and protect its assets and public image. Sometimes that means stretching the truth to a certain degree.

The missions described by the leaked images definitely feature some interesting prospects for the game. There is a sense that the Fallen have forcefully rebelled against the Queen of the Reef, so the Guardians are called in to do cleanup duty. I hope playing in the Reef and the Asteroid belt will provide the game with some exotic new locations. Other events describe Guardians infiltrating Fallen Ketch ships to take down Devil Walker tanks. Bungie has been promising improvements to the storytelling for Destiny. If as many changes are being made that Bungie and Deej have been promising, I hope that is the case for The House of Wolves.

Destiny is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The House of Wolves DLC is due out in March 2015.

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