15 Sandwich Hacks That Will Make You Never Skip Breakfast Again

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This is what I call making a sandwich like a boss!

We are always busy in the morning getting ready for work. Most of the time this means skipping the most important meal of the day: breakfast!

Mastering these sandwich hacks will give you wings. They will be ready in no time and you will be fascinated by the taste of them.

I guess you are bored of the only sandwich you know how to make for short time and you desperately need something to change all that.

You will be very happy knowing these sandwich hacks that will make you share them with your colleagues and friends.

Cut the sandwich baguette ¾ of the way through for making the perfect sandwich


The perfect wrap


Garlic Bread Spaghetti Sandwich is probably the best sandwich you had


Use Sandwich Press for Preparing the Fastest and Best Eggs Ever


Wrap your Sandwich with Wax Paper for keeping it Fresh


Slower Cooker Sandwich


Use a Pizza Cutter for Cutting the Crusts Perfectly


Grilled Cheese College Style


Make More Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Directly in The Oven


Make your favorite omelet in the microwave and place it between two pieces of bread. Delicious!


Swap bread for waffles and make the perfect sandwich


Right Way to Place Bacon on Your Sandwich


Grill the PB&J. Your next favorite sandwich right here!


Put Condiments Between the Meat and Toppings to Avoid Soggy Bread


Warm Tortillas Before Making a Sandwich. This Will Make Them Stay Longer


Your usual and boring sandwich has been updated! You are welcome!

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