32 Masters At Making The Most Of A Bad Situation

Bad things happen to everyone, some are worst than others, and we can’t do anything to change. When dealing with a problem the most common reaction for most of us is usually negative. We get angry, annoyed, sad and frustrated, knowing very well that we won’t accomplish anything with that type of behavior. Yet, those emotions are stronger than us and we can’t help but act on them. Few are those who do the opposite.

:Behind every cloud there is a silver lining”, “There is sun after the storm”, “Always look on the bright side”, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”… There are awfully many sayings to get us to think and act positive during a bad situation, and some people actually abide by them. Here we have 32 people who have truly gave their all to turn their bad luck around and even managed to get a few laughs out of it.

Watch and learn.

1. A Scratch On The Car?Finally A Reason To Put That Jurassic Park Sticker

With this sticker, the big scratch actually compliments the car!

2. He Lost A Hand Now But He Can Still Give The Finger


3. The Iron Man Cast


4. Another Good Thing About Divorce  


5. The Reason For Hair-loss

People love his bald head now.

6. Cover Up Complete

Get that hate out of here!

7. What a Nice Bruise… Bird

Big ugly bruise  Nope it s a funny chicken now.

8. He Even Said Please


9. Best Christmas Present Ever


10. A Flood? Where?


11. Player Forever


12. A Shark Took His Arm, Now He Has A Dolphin

Turned his disability into an amazing tattoo.

13. Futuristic Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman wins once again

14. The Right Way To Wait In a Traffic Jam


15. Even In A Snow Blizzard You Need A Cold Beer


16. What? No Return Notice?


17. So That’s Why It’s Cracked


18. How New Recipes Are Made

The brilliant mind that thought up grilldos

19. Trash Art


20. And If She Was Called Mary?


21. Only One Sits On This Throne


22. When Did The Pool Get So Big?


23. A Good Marketing Strategy Will Cover Everything Up

This guy should be a marketer. That is so clever.

24. She Got A Kick Out Of This


25. No Scars Here, Just Light Sabers

It isn t a scar anymore. It s a light saber now.

26. A TMNT Fan


27. It’s A Twister Bargain


28. Monty Python To The Rescue

A clever reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

29. How Can You Stay Mad At That

She was just too strong!

30. There’s Always A Reason For Having Cake

I wonder how the baker felt while making this.

31. He Did Bury It


32. It’s Not Cracked It’s The Spidey-Web


If only more people were this positive.

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