This Elderly Man Thought He Never Had Kids Until One Day He Found a Letter Saying Otherwise

Can you imagine finding your son 60 years later? You can’t do that? Tony Trapani couldn’t either, but things got a little bit different for him.

After his wife passed away he decided that it’s time to clean her file cabinets and put them in a place where he will remember her.

What he found is something that changed his life and brought extreme level of joy after that sad period of life.

The letter he found revealed that he had a son. This letter was addressed to him way back in 1959. This letter was written by the mother of his son who told him that she gave birth to a son on November 13th, 1953.

She sent him this letter when Trapani’s son was only 5 years old.

Even though this sounds really unbelievable, it’s really amazing to find someone who also wanted to meet you.

Here is the story brought by Fox 17 News in Michigan.

[responsive_youtube norel]

Amazing story.

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