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You are Tired of the Mess at Your House? – These Hacks Will Make Things Look Awesomely Organized

I know, I know… you are officially tired of running around your house collecting things thrown by your kids or the other members of your family. It’s very irritating that they know you will be the one who will pick up all the stuff and put them in the right place.

These organizing hacks will help you and your family do the organizing part together in a fun way. If they want your home to look awesome they have to cooperate.

A few cleaning enthusiasts dedicated themselves to come up with these hacks that will bring order to your house. There are some pretty easy solutions to this that will make your life easier, make your house look great and the best part of all is that these hacks are more than affordable.

For the most of the hacks you will be using some things you have at your home.

Mason Jars for organizing all the mess-causing pens, pencils and similar smaller items


Binder clips will save you from untangling the cords all the time



Storing mail has never been easier. Just hang an old shutter hung on the wall


Jam Jars with metal top are the perfect decorative idea for your kitchen. The tops are screwed into the bottom of the kitchen shelf. It saves your space, as well



Pegboards will treat you right


The unused space under the sink became the keeper of your spray bottles. Tension rod will do the trick


The unused palette for paint can be your cute storage for jewelry


Old (empty) lotion bottle will be your favorite smartphone holder


Old window frame and chicken wire combines for an accessory organizing rack. Old school is back


Old cans and containers and some decorative contact paper will make great and fashionable storage containers


If you want to hide your toothbrushes, you should do this


If you are a notebook user, gluing an envelope on the back will save your notes, receipts, etc. and you will never lose them again


Maximize your shelves


Bamboo placement and elastic strip can organize your makeup brushes


More of the mason jar family


Sheets in the pillowcases and you have a match!


Magnetic dishes store very small metal things. Don’t care about accidentally pushing them on the floor


You do the math


DIY markers and pens holder


Bungee cords will save you lots of time. Make sure you store only lightweight things


And the mess shall not pass!

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