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PlayStation Network: Connectivity Issues Prove Overhaul Needed

The PlayStation Knowledge Center revealed that users still experience intermittent connectivity issues. This news comes after the PlayStation Network was down for days after a DDoS attacks by the hack group Lizard Squad. At this point, the PlayStation Network is in desperate need of a massive overhaul. Additional maintenance is required, and this situation cannot continue for Sony.

The recent outage occurred over the Christmas weekend. That means players were getting new consoles or new games that they were not able to play because the network was down. For example, the popular game Destiny requires a PlayStation Network to play the game on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. In addition, many other upcoming games will require network connections. How will the online-only games survive these consistent network crashes? In the long run, the outages could cause irreparable harm for PlayStation Network.

I do not know the best solution. However, these recurring attacks and technical problems are becoming a big issue and cause bad publicity for Sony PlayStation.

A stronger defense against cyber intrusions is necessary. If the PlayStation Network is constantly crashing due to user traffic or technical issues, that is not good either. Sony PlayStation will suffer from a reputation that its network constantly crashes, and Sony will become a butt of jokes in that regard.

More than anything, the issue concerns the future of gaming. If more console games will require a network connection in order to play, it is important to know that the network is secure and will not constantly crash whenever a player wants to play the game. Many big upcoming titles are online-only games. If the network constantly crashes for Evolve and The Division, users will be very unhappy. I am not saying consumers will suddenly start buying Xbox One instead of PlayStation. In fact, Xbox Live was also a victim to the recent holiday cyber intrusions. However, it seems that almost every month the PlayStation Network suffers some sort of crash or outage; and the holiday crash was not even the first one this month for the PlayStation Network.

Eventually, Sony PlayStation will have to address this matter. The company is not entirely to blame for these problems. However, when the problems continue to mount up without swift action, more fingers will be pointed at Sony PlayStation. At some point, those who argue that there is really “no defense” for the cyber intrusions do not have much of an excuse.


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