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Mega Man: Time for Something New with the Blue Bomber

Capcom’s signature character, Mega Man, has been on the shelf for far too long. With 2015 right around the corner, it is about time for the Blue Bomber to make a glorious return with a new video game. Mega Man’s recent appearances for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Super Smash Bros. 3DS, provide a nice sampling of Mega Man. However, Capcom should consider developing its own Mega Man titles again, rather than licensing out the character to other companies’ games.

Basically, the mainline Mega Man franchise should see a continuation with Mega Man 11. For the Mega Man X series, Mega Man X9 finally needs to happen. The games do not have to go the 3D route. The games should stick with the 2D, side-scrolling, action-adventure platform that originally made the Mega Man series so great.

From a standpoint of both old school, nostalgic fans and new, younger fans, It appears that now is the best time ever to release a new Mega Man game and capitalize on his popularity. Newgames are being introduced to Mega Man through Super Smash Bros. Soon, Mega Man will get his own Amiibo for the game, and players will want to snatch them up. In addition, it seems that even more merchandise is getting made for Mega Man than ever before. Bandai produces the fantastic line of D-Arts action figures -and statues for the Mega Man and Mega Man X games. High-end replica items like Mega Man’s helmet and the Gunbuster are sold on Think Geek. The Gunbuster is completely out of stock. Loot Crate is selling out of the Mega Man, collectible mini-replica helmets. The development of a new Mega Man or Mega Man X game would create tons of additional merchandise opportunities for Mega Man; basically, a license to print money.

Another big opportunity would be to use Mega Man for Amiibos. It is strange that Nintendo and Capcom are not jumping on an opportunity like this so quickly. Mega Man, with its colorful eclectic cast of characters, would provide a great outlet for the Amiibos. Considering Mega Man’s roots with the classic NES and SNES consoles, an exclusive Mega Man deal for the console would be a huge coup for Nintendo . Make the games Amiibo compatible, and you could have a bonafide hit on hand. With the new generation of consoles in full swing, I simply do not want see an icon like Mega Man left behind.


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