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Top 5 Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

2015 looks like it will be a huge year for big, upcoming exclusive titles for the PlayStation 4 console. It is just in time as Sony PlayStation celebrates its 20th anniversary. Some of these titles were featured and showcased at the inaugural PlayStation Experience. I have compiled my own personal list of my most anticipated exclusive PlayStation 4 titles for the coming year.

5. No Man’s Sky

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Forget the idea of an open-world sandbox game. No Man’s Sky basically makes a whole universe the player’s sandbox. Players will have environments across different planets through space to explore. The art style for the game looks gorgeous and unique. You can land on a planet and see that it is teeming with wildlife. The title looks wildly ambitious and unlike anything I have seen before. The game potentially creates intense possibilities.

4. Bloodborne

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Bloodborne is an exciting new game that is very much in the style of the Dark Souls franchise. The creatures and environments are quite frightening and chilling. The weapons and character designs look awesome. The game will boast a quite advanced difficulty.It is not a game for novice players, and it will offer a significant challenge.

3. Street Fighter V

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Street Fighter is one of my favorite fighting game series, and the series has been near and dear to my heart for over two decades. The prospect of the next numbered installment of the Street Fighter franchise as a PlayStation 4 exclusive is very exciting. This is a bit of a cheat since the game will be released on Windows PC. However, the only console that the game will be released on is the Playstation 4.

2. The Order: 1886

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The Order:1886 is a game that looks to combine high-quality, narrative and cinematic storytelling with third-person shooter gameplay. Thus far, it looks like Ready at Dawn Studios is really nailing the tone and presentation for the game. have played through sp,e very exciting demos The setting is fantastic. Hopefully, the game does not disappoint.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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This game is going to be freaking huge. It looks like Naughty Dog is pulling out all the stops for the upcoming next-gen debut for the Uncharted franchise. So far, the footage looks fantastic. The designs and artwork have been tweaked for the fourth game. A new character has been revealed–Cole Drake, who happens to be the brother of Nate Drake. Drake’s new rope feature looks awesome, but the gameplay still looks like classic Uncharted.


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