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Evolve: Third Monster Finally Revealed


Some months ago, Turtle Rock Studios revealed that its upcoming shooter video game, Evolve, would have a third monster. Two of the game’s monsters, Kraken and Goliath, were previously disclosed. Evolve has finally divulged some new footage of the game’s third playable monster, which has been dubbed the Wraith.

The Wraith was revealed in the form of an awesome new CG cinematic trailer. Basically, the trailer works as a fun mini-movie or short film. The hunter characters are all tracking and pursuing the Wraith. The Wraith looks much different than its other monster counterparts in the game. For starters, the Wraith is much smaller than the Kraken or Goliath. The Wraith constantly floats and flies above the ground. It is a floating, ethereal and spindly creature. It has sharp blade-like appendages as arms. Each of the monsters has a unique look and style of its own in Evolve. The Wraith maintains that flavor for the monster characters.

In the new video, the hunter team tracks, and eventually engages, with the Wraith. The Wraith is clearly a formidable match for the team. One-on-one, the Wraith is able to get the better of the various hunter characters. However, the hunters soon rally and band together for a combo attack. The Wraith sees it is over-matched and flees. The hunters take off in hot pursuit. However, the Wraith gets the last laugh. Using its stealth powers, it evades the hunters and remains behind as the hunters continue their search.

The video is very enjoyable and constitutes a good preview for the Wraith monsters. Dubbed the Stalker trailer, it showcases the Wraith’s various skills and abilities. As a creature, the Wraith looks like it has a different play style than the other monsters. It appears that the key characteristic for the Wraith involves its stealth and cunning for its attacks. Head-on assaults with the Wraith may not be the best strategy. The different strengths, weaknesses and approaches to attack for the monsters are a huge benefis for the gameplay. According to Evolve’s press release on the Wraith, the creature is a female. In addition, she is a monster meant for higher-level, more advanced players.

If Evolve takes off, I hope the creation and introduction of more monsters similar to the Wraith will continue. A large part of the game’s appeal involves the ability to play monsters like the Wraith. Evolve hits the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on February 10, 2015.

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