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Street Fighter V: Skepticism Over PS4 Exclusivity

During the 2014 PlayStation Experience keynote, Sony and Capcom officially announced that Street Fighter V is coming. They mentioned that the game is going to be an exclusive title to PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. During the keynote, it was revealed that the only console Capcom is developing the game for is the PlayStation 4. It is interesting that the level of outrage over an exclusive title of Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 is not as strong as it was for Lara Croft: Rise of the Tomb Raider as a “timed-exclusive” for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Still, I am very skeptical that the game will truly be a PS4 exclusive for all time.

I recall a time some years ago when Resident Evil 4 was supposed to be an exclusive title for the Gamecube. That expired pretty quickly. Not to mention, all the expected future updated versions of Street Fighter V. Okay, so maybe Street Fighter V is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC; but what about Ultra Street Fighter V? There is an easy loophole right there. The question is, does Sony’s deal with Capcom for Street Fighter V include any of the future revamped editions of the game. Nothing that Sony or Capcom stated at the PlayStation Experience suggests that is the case. Look how long Capcom was able to ride out Street Fighter IV, which was released in Japanese arcades in 2008 and on consoles worldwide in 2009. Capcom has made no less than three updated editions of Street Fighter IV. Updated editions of Street Fighter V are sure to follow after the game’s eventual launch.

Regardless, Street Fighter V as a PS4 exclusive is a great coup for Sony. I do not begrudge any company that arranges to make a game for a popular franchise a console exclusive. As the saying goes, “Business is business.” Sure, I would love to play Killer Instinct or Gears of War on Sony consoles, but that will never happen. Microsoft now owns those franchises. Also, I do not understand all the anger directed at Microsoft and Phil Spencer. Why does Phil Spencer have to make amends to fans? It is not Microsoft’s fault that Sony and Capcom agreed on an exclusivity deal. I can understand fans are annoyed that a game they want will not be on their chosen consoles; but there could just as easily be other, better games on the fans’ consoles.

The reveal trailer for the game was only a work in progress video, but it looks like the game is coming along nicely. I like the interactive breakable parts of the environment from the trailer. I hope that is a feature the game will utilize more.

Street Fighter V will be released later on for PS4 and Windows PC.


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