19 Facts About Beer Every Beer Lover Need to Know. This Might Surprise You!

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Every beer lover knows that the beer is best served cold and… well that’s it. Some of them don’t want to know anything about their favorite drink maybe because they are too scared to find out something they don’t like.

Don’t worry, these facts will beer-educate you going further.

There were some funny comparisons that came out a little while ago between woman and beer, or it was something like “Why beer is better than a woman”. The list included some pretty good stuff and some beer lovers even agreed with that list.

Anyways, we won’t share something like this here as we want to know something more about one of the most famous drinks in a bar.

Here is what your favorite drink hides from you:

Approximately 388,000 gallons of beer has flooded London back in 1814 after a vat breach


George Washington was a huge beer lover that made him built his own brewhouse on Mount Vernon’s grounds


The Pyramid workers in Egypt were paid with 4 liters per day


The oldest recipe for beer is 4,000 years old. It was first made by the Sumerians


Beer and Marijuana are cousins. They belong to the same family of plants


Middle Ages was the period when Beer was more consumed than water


Beer is known as cardiac arrest and cognitive decline preventer


Cenosillicaphobia is a fear of an empty glass for beer


One man from Scotland consumed 60 pints of beer. His hangover lasted 4 weeks


The strongest beer in the world is the Brewmeister’s Snake Venom. It contains 67.5% AC


Slugs are also huge beer lovers

Amsterdam pays the alcoholics in beer in order to clean the streets. Tobacco pack, 10 Euros and 5 cans of beer for a day of work

Ramon Mohamed Halim Smits, Fred Schiphorst

Russia didn’t consider beer as an alcohol beverage until last year


In Belgium, beer was served in school refectories. This ended in 1970s


There is a “Wife Carrying World Championship” and the winner gets the wife’s weight in beer


Africa is famous for the Banana Beer. The beer is brewed from bananas


If you head about the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple located in Thailand, you know that it was built with 1 million local beer and Heineken beer bottles


Guinness is the most famous beer in Nigeria. Reports claim that this beer is more consumed in Nigeria than in Ireland


Argentina’s political parties enjoy their own brands of beer

Did you enjoy your time with the beer facts? – You can now share what you’ve learned with your friends with your favorite cold beer.

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  1. beer and marijuana are not in the same family. Beer consists of malts, water, hops, clearing agents, etc etc. Hops are in the same family as marijuana

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