Secretaries Need To Be Flexible, But This Is Ridiculous

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Keeping the position of the boss’s right hand man or woman takes a lot out of anyone. Sometimes you might feel like you have use your feet to take notes or to bend over backwards just to get everything done on time. Secretaries deal with that every day and they want to stay sane they need to learn to be flexible… Just not like this.

This is a calendar photoshoot with the “World’s most flexible woman” the Russian-born acrobat Julia Gunthel a.k.a. Zlata. She’s been honing her contortionist skills since she discovered them at the age of 4 and today she can pull off feats that makes you question if she even has any bones in that beautiful body of hers.

She has done many similar photo-shoots that you can check out on her webpage, but for now, let’s see the benefits of having a secretary like her.

1. Holding The Door When Her Hands Are Full


2. Need A Speaking Podium? No Problem.


3. Slouching On The Chair


4. Wound Up Even During Lunch Break


5. Stretch Out While Working, Now That’s Flexible


6. Pouring Any Drink Without Spilling A Drop


7. Save Money On Traveling Expenses, She Can Pass As A Carry-On


8. No Need For Chairs When Sitting On The Desk Is So Much Better


9. The Paperwork Was That High


10. She Can Hide Anywhere And Spy For You


11. If You Don’t Understand Something, Change Your Point Of View


12. Next, Answering Phones With Her Feet


13. Aren’t Secretaries Treated Like Office Equipment Anyway


Thank God they don’t ask for this kind of flexibility in normal jobs.

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