Weird Statues Around the World That Will Change Your Perspective

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People are strange and all that, but what about these statues? I can’t tell what message they are giving to us, but they sure are weird. Who ever built these statues and what was the true meaning of it? – Any ideas?

Maybe there is some hidden message about people’s beliefs or nature we don’t know about. We can say that some of them look like us or remind us about someone we’ve seen recently, but a statue eating babies? – C’mon now…

If you’ve taken a tour around the world you’ve probably seen some of these statues hanging around. Some of them are probably removed and some of them are a crucial “decorative” part of the city.

These statues are giving me strange perspective about the people who lived back then when these statues were built.

Let’s take a look.

1. 8 Legs Are Better Than 2

1. 8 Legs Are Better Than 2

2.  An Aligator ride

2. An Aligator ride

3. Hide your kids

3. Hide your kids

4. Aligator’s nightmare

4. Aligator's nightmare

5. A hero to save us

5. Everyone have their own hero

6. Germans…

6. Germans...

7. Fingering

7. Fingering

8. I hope that’s not milk

8. I hope that's no milk

9. Don’t ask

9. Don't ask

10. Magic

10. Magic

11. Fishy tango

11. Fishy tango

12. Turtle ride

12. Turtle ride

13. Bonerman (This statue was taken down)

13. Bonerman (This statue was taken down)

14. Kate Moss?

14. Kate Moss

15. First served

15. FIrst served

16. Hungry deer

16. Hungry deer

17. …

17. ...

18. Great…

18. Great...

19. Even the alien can’t believe

19. Even the alien can't believe

20. Half of something

20. Half of something

21. What Santa holds is a mystery

21. What Santa holds is a mistery

22. Kicking babies statue

22. Kicking babies statue

23. Eating babies alive because kicking them is too mainstream

23. Eating babies alive because kicking them is too mainstream

24. I don’t want to know

24. I don't want to know

25. In a mall?

25. In a mall

26. Poop collector

26. Poop collector

27. You can vomit here

27. You can vomit here

See? – Weird stuff.

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